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Noble 19-Year-Old Student Works As A Construction Worker To Save Cancer-Stricken Brother

While studying to be a doctor to save his 3-year-old cancer-stricken brother, he works as a construction worker to help his parents raise enough money for the little boy’s surgery.

A student from a poverty-stricken village in Hubei Province, China was seen working as a construction worker in spite of his young age of 19.

The teen was apparently trying to work hard to be able to save enough money for his cancer-stricken 3-year-old brother.

The student, surnamed Ma, wanted to help his parents, who were both working hard to earn money for their younger son’s bone marrow surgery. The little boy was actually suffering from leukemia and needed immediate medical attention.

Apart from working as a construction worker, the teen is also studying to become a doctor to save his brother’s life.

“I must enter a medical school, only then I have a chance of curing my brother,” Ma said

With his younger brother to fuel his motivation, Ma was able to score a total of 456 marks on his final exam.

While Ma and his parents are all working for the little boy, Ma’s grandmother stays at home and takes care of the sick child.

He only earns 100 Yuan (approximately RM60) per day at the construction and he saves his pay up for his sick brother.

In just 24 hours after his story went viral on social media. With the help of kind-hearted netizens, he managed to receive 600,000 Yuan or RM 380,110 for his brother’s treatment. Ma burst out in tears when he received the good news.

“Finally my little brother can be saved!” said Ma, seeing how people were willing to help his family in saving his younger brother.

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