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Pay Off Your Mortgage In Just Four Years: Here’s How!

Lindsey Bryant and Vicki Wright

This couple paid off their mortgage in just four years while enjoying four holidays a year and driving around in a sports car.

Lindsey Bryant and Vicki Wright, from Bournemouth in Dorset, revealed their secret to balancing the books is simply ‘making good choices’. The pair enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and don’t make ‘drastic’ changes to save the pennies, but simply keep an eye out for a good bargain.

They paid off mortgage in four years

They always pick the cheaper option, whether it’s as regards groceries or a trip abroad and put the money saved towards house payments.

Ms Bryant, 38, said: ‘It’s not about denying yourself everything and switching the lights off when you walk out of a room to save 2p – it’s about making smart decisions on every day stuff.

Enjoyed four holidays a year

‘We’ve never gone without. We’ve never been frugal. We’ve never thought ‘no we can’t have that.

‘People will think ”that few pounds – that doesn’t pay off a mortgage” but if you go out for dinner once a week, for both of you that adds up to around £60 a month. And that’s just one thing.

Own a BMW Z4 sportscar

‘You wouldn’t believe how quickly is adds up if every day you make these choices.’

‘But we did think of money all the time. I’ve always got that pound sign flashing in my mind.’

The couple’s other top tips include selling items, if they hadn’t used them in the last 12 months and ignoring online purchases in favor of negotiating with salespeople directly.

The pair are already planning to retire in their 40s and are shopping around for their next mortgage-free home.

Ms Wright, 35, said: ‘It’s all based on the premise of never going without – but just buying what we want, seeing if we can get it cheaper, and then saving the difference.


‘That and making good choices that boost our income and save us money.’

Ms Bryant added: ‘I would say for most people, if they really want to pay off their mortgage early, they could probably do it.

‘We’ve never ever had a budget. We’ve never lived like that. We are quite self disciplined.

They moved from two-and-a-half miles to a mortgage free four-bedroom £300,000

‘Will power is the key. That’s much more important that switching off light switches or eating budget own brand foods.

‘We didn’t have to sacrifice. We just made choices when we were presented with them.’

The couple first bought their £160,000 one-bedroom flat in 2007, with a deposit of £15,000.

They enjoy a comfortable lifestyle but keep an eye for a good bargain

Together they earned £70,000 a year and managed to wipe their 35-year mortgage by 2011 – 31 years ahead of schedule.

But keen to move up the property ladder – still without taking out a mortgage – they carried on their usual saving for three more years.

They sold their flat for £180,000 and moved two-and-a-half miles to a mortgage free four-bedroom £300,000 detached home in Winton, Dorset, in April 2014.

The couple in Sydney, Australia.

They shop at Waitrose and Asda, but always head to the discounted shelves first, and work backwards from there. While paying off their mortgages Ms Wright and Ms Bryant enjoyed holidays to Cape Verde, St Vincent, and the Philippines for a month, Paris, the Caribbean and Gran Canaria.

Ms Wright said: ‘I wouldn’t live a life where I would go without something if I wanted it.

‘We realised that little decisions on a daily basis could go a long way – and we just stuck at it.’

Lindsey Bryant and Vicki Wright during a rickshaw ride in New York

While employed, Ms Bryant earned up up £30,000, while her partner had a base salary of up to £40,000.

But both have also earned bonuses and now work for themselves. With dreams of leaving the rat race, the pair, who own their own recruitment company, are already making plans for their retirement.

The pair are now on the look-out for a new property in the countryside and searching for their dream home.

We might as well get some sort of inspiration from them, right?

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