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Pregnant Wife Dedicates Her Maternity Photo Shoot To Her Late Husband Killed On Duty

A police officer who lost his life while on duty was honoured by his pregnant wife in a maternity shoot. The touching act soon caught the attention of people.

Greenville police officer Allen Jacobs took his wife, Meghan, for a morning ultrasound appointment in March 2016 and then went back to work. However, soon Meghan received a message that her husband was killed while on duty.

A few months later, Meghan wanted to honour her husband and held a maternity shoot. She was expecting her third child, a baby girl who was due in July 2016. She was supported by her good friend and a photographer, Jessie Ellex.

The shooting started off with Meghan and her mother, and later, they were joined by police officers.

“When the police officers met us around 7:30 [p.m.] all I could do was fight back tears. But we all pushed through,” Ellex, 30, told.

The photos were shared online which went viral and touched people’s heart. There are also photos of Meghan’s late husband’s patrol car, badge, uniform, and the flag that had been on his coffin.

Ellex said on Facebook that the “flag was never disrespected and never touched the ground.”

“The tone of photo shoot was very mixed,” said Ellex. “It was, of course, very somber, but bittersweet, knowing Meghan and Lennox have the support of the Greenville Police Department.”

To keep her late husband’s memory alive for their three children, Meghan also had officers write letters to the children about their dad.

“I think when they’re older and they can read those letters, they will honor him more and appreciate the things that their Dad did for them and in the community,” Jacobs told. “I just think it will be something very awesome for them to have and for Lennox—so she can know who he was.”




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