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Shocked Parents Discover Young Daughter Was Molested By Priest

The incident happened in Monte Claros in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where the parents of a young girl discovered a priest had molested their daughter.

The 5-year-old girl drew some horrific images on paper, the drawings depicted the sexual attacks.

Jaoa da Silva, 54-years-old, teaches English and according to the parents, they were wondering why the young girl refused to attend his classes.

They decided to take the child to a psychologist, who doubted the child was a victim of sexual abuse. The parents were asked to search the girl’s room for clues.

They happened to discover these heartbreaking drawings in her books.

Her parents were shocked after finding several drawing hidden in the young girl’s books. The drawing showed a man aroused while looking at the scared child. Another one showed the girl on a bed with the man attempting to get on top of her.

The attack took place in Brazil.

The father confronted the priest and contacted the police.

The pedophile priest is in police custody.

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