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Teacher Reveals That She Was Gay To The Entire School Because She Thought It Was Important To Do So

A secondary school teacher had led many assemblies but one of the them stood out, in which she along with a fellow teacher came out to their entire school.

She ran a weekly LGBT+ group at the school and therefore some of them might have seen it coming. But for majority it was a surprise.

Things changes when one day when a colleague came told her a story. He’d been talking to a year 10 student about some other kids who had recently come out as bisexual.

The student said he felt they’d been attention seeking. My colleague, Luke, came out as gay to the student, and explained a bit about the coming out process.

When Luke told me this, I shared some stories of homophobic language I’d heard around school. He suggested doing an assembly for the year 10 students, and once we asked senior staff if this was OK, the plan quickly escalated to assemblies for the whole school.

The kind of things we hear that we’re trying to eradicate are comments like ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘Snapchat is gay!’. We hear them all the time. Could we really help stop this habit for good?

When the big revelation was finally made, a few were surprised. “A few students told me they had no idea I was gay and I loved that, because it showed that although my classroom is covered in Stonewall posters they haven’t made an assumption, which is lovely,” the teacher said.

Before each assembly Luke and I would have a huddle, feeling terrified. Nothing could have prepared me for the moment we stepped on stage.





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