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In The USA The Most Unique Toilet Is In This Tiny House


Everybody dreams of owning a big house of their own with big living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The home should have all the luxurious facilities with a big lawn and a swimming pool too. No one wants to live in a tiny house with so much of adjustments. But you’re wrong. Check out this tiny house which has all the facilities you need in a home.

This tiny cabin has some amazing amenities and is equipped with the latest technologies – all in 400 sq. ft.



You probably never thought that a tiny house could have something as fancy as a fireplace…but this one does. Surrounding the full fireplace are some built-in shelves, and above it, a flat screen TV built into the wall.

The ceilings in the living room are lofted to give the space a larger, taller appearance and the large windows allow for some much-needed light to flood the room. Natural light is an underrated way to widen up a space instantly.



Our favorite part about this kitchen? The hardwood ceiling! You don’t see that every day.

The kitchen also comes equipped with a full-sized stove, sink, and fridge, as well as a huge, marble island for cooking prep.



The bedrooms are surprisingly large, again with big windows to let in a lot of natural light. We’re impressed with the fact that each room boasts a Queen Size bed and plenty of room to move about and play!

And there’s not just one lonely bedroom in this tiny cabin – there are two beautiful bedrooms AND a loft in this tiny house. This provides plenty of storage space or sleeping space to accommodate a larger family or to entertain guests.



As if this whole cabin weren’t cool enough, it also has an extremely unique bathroom.

This tiny house has the only incinerating toilet in THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES, which is just mind-blowing. The beautifully tiled bathroom also comes with a “rain-style shower,” which is meant to give the user a relaxing, rain-like experience in the shower.