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Whoa!! Waitress Gets Whopping $3000 Tip For ‘Smiling’ From Anonymous Tippers

Smile is a powerful tool that can attract people and make everything around look pleasant and happy. But, a smile of a waitress didn’t just make people happy, but also got her a staggering tip.

Michelle Bozeman, a waitress at a busy diner in Napavine, Washington, will be remain cheerful to remain customers and she has a good reason to be so. In fact, she has been doing all the hard work for 20 years with a smile on her face.

Luckily, her hard work and the ever-smiling face did not go in vain as a mystery couple dropped her $3000 tip for her work and constant beaming grin. The couple also left a note at the back of their bill.

“Thanks for smiling. You work hard and the country is in a bad place.”

The note also requested her to pay it forward and do something good for someone with the money. The 50-year-old grandma didn’t notice the tip until her co-worker pointed it out. Unfortunately, by that time, the customers had already left the place after billing $44.

“I first found out when (a co-worker) said, ‘Do you realize you got $3000 tip? I looked at it and was astounded,” she said.

She recalled about her conversation with the couple, during which she spoke about her family and how as a single mother she supported all her children and grandchildren. She also expressed her love for her job and the people she worked with.

As per the request, she decided to share the tip with her co-workers. She said she would also treat her grandchildren and leave some money for a trip to Ireland along with her friend.




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