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A Woman Came Across A Lady Dragging 2 Heavy Suitcases On The Road. After Talking To Her She Realises ‘Something Precious’

This woman was driving to work, pondering over her “imperfect life,” when she came across a lady struggling to pull two heavy suitcases.

She felt obliged to engage her in a conversation … the woman was woken from her “slumber” when she found that she had much to be thankful for.

Heather Jones Hartmann was driving to work in Delaware, and just minutes from her workplace, she passed a woman dragging two huge broken suitcases. She was hardly able to carry them and was obviously in pain.

Scenes like this are not uncommon today; the homeless and needy are everywhere, and often, we tend to turn a blind eye. It’s almost too hard to deal with, so we put on a hard exterior.

But on this particular day, Heather had been mulling over her “imperfect life” as she passed this poor woman, but something pulled at her heartstrings, and so, she turned her car around and went back.

The lady, who said her name was Janice, had been on the streets for four days. She had been made jobless as a packer for a cosmetic firm in New York and was hoping to get to her aunt’s place in Baltimore to find a job as a cleaning lady.

Moreover, she suffered from congestive heart failure and had run out of medicine, and to make matters worse, she had just spent a night in a hospital. She had been slogging all day long with the heavy suitcases.

Heather was shocked listening to her story and did all she could to help her. She drove her to the library, where Janice was going to meet someone who would take her close to Baltimore, and emptied out her wallet to give her all the money she had, which amounted to about $32.

Heather was taken aback by the optimism that Janice seemed to emanate.

“She smiled the entire trip and thanked me profusely,” Heather said. “She never asked for anything. She wasn’t thumbing for a ride. She wasn’t feeling sorry for herself or for her situation in life,” Heather wrote on Love What Matters.

“It was a huge reminder to be grateful for what I have because things could always be worse!” she said.

“30 minutes late to work? I’ll take it! Janice did way more for me than I did for her,” she added.

Sometimes all it takes to stop feeling sorry for ourselves is to lend a helping hand to those in need. A small gesture can make a huge difference to someone else, and help find compassion in ourselves. There are no accidents in life, things really do seem to happen for a reason.

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