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This Woman Was Sent Home During A Job Interview For Not Dressing ‘Conservatively’ Enough

Job interviews can be really stressful. Everyone who has been to one will agree with me. The worst part about it is being rejected for your flaws. And since we’re humans, we obviously cannot accept our flaws and move on.

Like this woman who’s interview was cut short for 50 minutes by a potential employer.

And all because they said she wasn’t dressed “conservatively enough.”]

Reilly gave the rundown of what happened during her disappointing interview. It all sounds pretty unprofessional.

 “I got to the Boots Opticians in Richmond ready for my interview…I’d spent at least an hour making sure my hair and makeup and outfit was perfect and presentable. After being told to take a seat, and watching the interviewer dash about a bit with other issues going on that day, I was taken to a room where the interview started. The interviewer asked some general questions about what I’m doing at the moment and what previous jobs I’ve had. After scribbling some notes down, she said: ‘The second half of the interview takes place on the shop floor. However I don’t think that you’re dressed conservatively enough to go on the shop floor, so we’ll arrange to do the second part of the interview another day’. We agreed on Thursday at 11am, but I won’t be attending,” she said in an interview with Metro.

Reilly said that she “burst into tears” on the bus ride home.

Watch her here: