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These 10 Photographs Are The Real Definition Of Bad Luck

There are always two sides of a thing, good and bad. Be it a good habit or a bad habit. The same implies to our luck. We, humans never fail to blame or appreciate our luck for every other thing that happens to us. Bad luck is something we all fear, but at times bad luck leaves us in a state of shock. We have come up with 10 photographs that were clicked when the bad luck was at its top. Have a look at pity for the poor people.

#1. Aunty forgot to read *Wet Paint*, but the colour is quite similar!

#2. This stunt fail must have been very painful! *Bad luck*

#3. The car just drowned, i guess! Real definition of bad luck.

#4. The reaction and the bad luck attack are the same, SHIT!

#5. Are the honeybees shockproof? Need to find out!

#6. The reason why it is called rear-view mirror!

#7. The tree had a great fall! True definition of bad luck!

#8. I guess the person exerted a lot of force, which wasn’t required!

#9. Do spiders like bananas! And if they do, Do they also get constipated!

#10. Break the ice, melt it and drink it! But don’t waste it!

Photo: noonecares






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