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Famous Viral Pictures That Are In fact Photoshopped

We see so many fascinating viral pictures on the internet every day. But you also know that everything on the internet is not true. So that’s why we are here with some famous pictures that are actually fake. These all pictures are super viral on the internet cause of their exceptionality but now you will see the real side of those viral pictures.

All pictures you will see are 100% photoshopped by photoshop artist.

Are you ready for the reality behind those viral pictures?!

Take a look:

#1. Winner without Nomination

This one picture blew so many people’s mind. But unfortunately, it is just a perfect merge of two different photos. It is so sad but this is the reality behind that photo. The helicopter you are seeing with an army man is from a rescue mission and a shark you are seeing is a random ocean photography.

#2. The Castle on a Mountain!

This picture looks so much like a fairy tale. It is just a perfect example of a perfect photoshop art piece. This one is the fake one but still look beautiful. Sometimes viral pictures are so beautiful to see.

#3. A fruit worth dying for

This will look like a new kind of watermelon but trust me to expect colour which is faked by a photoshop artist, everything is same as a normal one. One rumour also came up with this picture is that when you eat this watermelon it changes its colour again into the normal one.

#4. The BIG BANG Theory:

This picture blew the social media totally. In this picture, the photoshop artist try to show that when Vietanmis people test their bomb, Einstein was rambling over there. Do you think Vietnam people let Einstien chilling over there? NO!!, No one will chill at the bomb testing land.

#5. Wild Life Photography Gone Wrong!

This picture goes so viral cause it is looking like some photographer gone to take some shots of wildlife creature but the shoot turns into a rampage when a bear caught them into the wild. But trust me it’s all fake. The picture of the bear is a different place and the photo of running photographer are from a different place, just merging them in some perfection make it seem like one picture.

#6. Metro Goldwyn Mayer’s Title Screen

We all see the Lion in the intro of Tom and Jerry Show. We all thought that was real when we are so young to understand that, but come on man, now we are enough old to understand what is real and what is fake. It was just a CAT scan machine on which a sick lion is lying down for a CAT scan. This not behind the scene from MGM intro shot. Although salute to the artist.


Look so beautiful and swaggy at the same time but unfortunately, the picture is also fake and colour correction work in photoshop. If it was real you will see that lion on every news channel when he was born when he was all grown up.

#8. That’s Awkward:

This picture is just for making fun of the President of America. You can’t even find a single mistake and blooper in that edit. Maybe this a stunt from opposite political party like dirty politics. who knows what it is but the only thing had to say is that the photoshop artist knows his work very well.

#9. Moments Before the Hit:

This Photo scares the world as it goes viral. The picture is 100% fake. Photoshop Artist can turn anything which is quite often dangerous. It is hard to find any clue which shows this picture is fake because the picture quality is so dull to show you the detail of any cut and crop. A photoshopped picture can cause so much trouble.

#10. But First, Lemme take a SELFIE!

Imagine you are on the plane and your pilot started taking a selfie from the windows of his cockpit. Scientifically and technically it is impossible because you cannot open the cockpit windows while the plane is flying. But when you are a photoshop artist what you have to do about science and technical things.

Photo: noonecares






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