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These 30 Photographs Are So Perfect That It Didn’t Need Photoshop

Great photography comes from light, lens and a great opportunity. Like the pictures below which are shot at the perfect timing. This collection of photos, whether it’s a natural phenomenon or a heartfelt display of human emotion, don’t need photoshop to create the perfect shot.

1. Firefly squids

These incredible phosphorescent jellyfish light up the night’s ocean in Japan.

2. Fields of blue

This beautiful Japanese bloom looks absolutely whimsical.

3. Ants at a raindrop

The zoom on this lens created an incredible photo of ants drinking from a raindrop.

4. Pink pond

The millennial pink trend was pulled off in this photo without any help from editing apps.

5. Lightning striking an eruption

Lightning struck just as this volcano was erupting capturing the astonishing force of nature.

6. Patterns on the beach

How mesmerizing are these beach umbrellas on an Italian beach?

7. Moon in a satellite

The timing of this shot was perfect making it look like the rising moon is resting in this radio satellite.

8. A storybook village

This village near Arkhangelsk, Russia looks like it’s straight out of a holiday storybook.

9. Nature’s coolest lizard

How could you not love this picture? This little guy looks like a total rockstar!

10. Sleeping cloud

It’s crazy when clouds take such realistic shapes, but this photo literally goes above and beyond anything we’ve ever seen.





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