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Law To Begin Public Schools Issued By Emir

To provide quality education for Qatar’s children, HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani issued on Wednesday Law No 9 for 2017, calling for the formation of public schools in the country.

According to the law, the government must open public schools and provide them with necessary funds, education and raise the young generation as a result of enhancing creativity.

The law abolishes Law No 11 of 2006 governing local Independent schools and Law No 12 for 1996 regarding the collection of transportation and other fees from non-Qatari students.

The new law indicates that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education must regulate the public schools and appoint their administrative and academic staff. It should oversee and develop these schools in a way that ensures quality education.

Citizens of the country have right to education at public schools. The conditions of accepting non-Qatari students will be defined by a Cabinet, based on suggestions of HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education.

Law No 9 for 2017 provides for government schools to be divided into three sections – Primary, Preparatory and Secondary. While the Primary section will include six academic years, the Preparatory and Secondary parts will be of three years each.

The Ministry of Education may also start kindergartens for children, based on the rules issued by the decision of HE the Minister of Education.

The Ministry of Education may begin specialised schools in various fields in order to educate and care for students with who have learning difficulties or those with disabilities. The ministry may also launch specialised schools for students who are gifted with special talents. It will lay down the terms and conditions for the enrolment of students in such schools.

Law No 9 for 2017 says the Ministry of Education will design the education system, curriculum and examinations of public schools. The ministry will also frame the rules for upholding discipline at such schools. HE the Minister shall issue a decision determining the fees for re-admission of students as well.

Concerning the price of textbooks and transportation fees collected from non-Qatari students other than GCC citizens, and the exemption and instalments of such costs, the Ministry of Education is yet to issue a decision.

The law shall be applicable from the next day of its publication in the official gazette.