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Retail Group Accused Of Selling Plastic Rice Denounce Claims

Recently a video on whatsapp has been going viral saying that a popular brand of rice is selling rice that is made of plastic.

A spokesperson of the LuLu Group, a key seller of the brand concerned, said they ‘suspected foul play on the part of the representatives of one or more rival brands,’ behind the campaign.
The official said the campaign has been going on for the last few days and have clarified that they had already alerted the local distributor of the brand and the officials concerned in India.

A senior official of a major retailing group, having presence across the GCC region, has denounced the ongoing campaign in WhatsApp about ‘the high presence of plastic’ in a popular Indian brand of rice.

In the  video circulating on WhatsApp, an anonymous person, says every grain of the rice is of the same size, which is not possible in normal circumstances. He also claims there is a huge presence of plastic in the rice.
Meanwhile, the UAE-based daily Khaleej Times reported that the Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality has scotched rumours about the presence of plastic rice in the market.
In a post on its Instagram account, the municipality said the rumour regarding plastic rice is a manipulation. “There is no such thing in the market known as plastic rice,” the municipality said.

It clarified that rice can be detected “through sensing it or cooking it or by adding any substances, such as fat or oil that will simply turn into a plastic mass on heating”.
The municipality also advised consumers not to publish misleading and unrealistic rumors to damage the reputation of an entity or which may cause undue panic in people.




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