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Saudi-Led Alliance Reveal Qatar ‘Terrorist’ Blacklist Despite International Pressure

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the UAE unveiled a ‘terrorist’ blacklist of 18 organisations and individuals suspected of links with Islamist extremism in spite of the increasing international pressure to reconsider their stand.

The four nations have blacklisted 9 charity and media organisations and 9 individuals who are “directly or indirectly linked to Qatari authorities” as “terrorist”, a joint statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency said.

“We expect Qatari authorities to take the next step and prosecute the terrorist groups and people,” the statement added.

The alliance have severed all ties with Qatar since June 5. The only land border to Qatar was blocked by Saudi Arabia.

However, all the claims have been denied by Qatar and said that they were open for negotiations with the alliance in order to resolve the crisis.

US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who visited the region to hear out the views of the disputing parties, had said that Qatar was reasonable in its stand and was satisfied with the measures taken by Qatar in fighting terrorism.

The four governments banned three organisations based in Yemen and six in Libya after accusing them of having ties with Al-Qaeda. They also blacklisted three Qataris, three Yemenis, two Libyans and a Kuwaiti they said were implicated in “fundraising campaigns to support (former Al-Qaeda affilate) Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist militias in Syria”.

Qatar and its neighbours are locked in the opposite camps of the conflict in Libya between an UN-backed unity government and a rival administration in the east.





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