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10 Sleeping Positions That Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

Recently, couple app LoveByte illustrated ten sleeping positions partners would surely relate to. Sharing a bed with your partner can either be the sweetest thing or a pain, depending on how much sleep you probably get.

Each sleeping style has something to say about your intimacy or the kind of relationship you have with your significant other.

1. The Body Slam

One partner takes up majority of the space and sometimes overlaps, too. This clearly states that the dominating partner has the tendency to be selfish and needs to work on communicating.

2. The Insomniacs

Slightly distant, the couple spends their time scrolling through their mobile phones instead of sleeping.

3. The Drunkards

They spend more time partying than sleeping and resting. Those who sleep face down and totally knocked out show signs of anxiety and tend to hide their emotions.

 4. Pillow Talk

The couple sleeps face to face, signaling their yearning for intimacy throughout the night. They love to take care of each other and have heart to heart talks.

5. The Awkward

New couples will surely be able to relate to this sleeping position. They give each other enough space while still showing the affection by holding hands.

6. The Back Kiss

Personal space and intimacy rolled into one, man and woman are still connected to each other. The sleeping style shows they treat each other as equals.

7. The Untangled

Comfortable and secure are the signs of a couple that is able to sleep independently of each other. They love good sleep and are don’t worry about farting in front of each other.

8. The Spoons

Providing the most physical contact of all sleeping positions, spooning is also a big favorite by couples. It signifies that one partner is protective of the other and could desire control and power in the whole relationship.

9. The Cradle

One partner, usually the guy, sleeps on his back and the girl comfortable in his arms. This positions speaks loudly of a sense of protection and security in the relationship. This type of couple is dependent on each other.

10. The Groper

One partner wraps himself or herself around the other while sleeping. It indicates that one party can’t get enough of the other.






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