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12 Things Every Woman Should Know Before Making Out For The First Time

Once in a lifetime, it’s a first time for everyone. We all think that we know almost everything about making out but there are few things that every woman should know before her first time. For first timers, lack of knowledge can make you embarrassed when you do it and makes the situation awkward.

For women out there, we have got you some tips that will give every woman a heads up!

1.Warm up before making out is a must

You can just get into the action without anything. Go with the flow.

2.The whole “popping the cherry” thing is mostly a myth, woman!

So why to worry about something that’s not even true?

3.The goal should be satisfied and not having an orgasm

Enjoy every moment of it and feel the pleasure. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it.

4.You are more likely to have an orgasm if you and your partner are more familiar with each other –physically and emotionally.

So consider making out with someone who you can connect with mentally and emotionally.

5.Don’t just try to copy scenes from movies or pornography

Reality is completely different so don’t ruin your first time trying to copy some scenes you saw.

6.Every woman is nervous for the first time and not just women, even men are worried.

It’s completely normal.

7.Your experience of losing your virginity will certainly not dictate the rest of your s3x life.

You can learn new things every time.

8.Maybe you won’t have an orgasm the first time

Don’t stress over it. Just keep calm and enjoy your first time ever because you won’t have it again.

9.It’s not necessary to hurt while you do it for the first time

It depends on person to person.

10.Lube up

Lubricants are must as it helps him slip inside easily.

11.Chances of getting pregnant is same as the other times

If you’re not ready for it, then you can always use protection.

12.It’s not true that your soul will be forever attached to the first person you made out with

It’s maybe or maybe not.






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