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14 Timeless Gifts You Can Get For Your Partner Right Away

There are so many things that you can just get into a mall, pay for and gift to your partner. But, true love makes you want to do something more, something special and unforgettable.
You feel the need to show how deep you feel for your partner, how much they mean to you and what you think about the relationship in the long run.
Here are some gifts that don’t need any occasion, just a little commitment and of course some intense love.
#1. A couple tattoo or a tattoo for your partner

If this doesn’t spell commitment, then I don’t know what does. Get a tattoo of something that means a lot to both of you.
#2. Write a letter for every future anniversary.

It’s perfect when you know you guys are going to be together in the future. It is going to stay as a promise to celebrate your togetherness for years to come.
#3. Make a time capsule of memories.

put in a bunch of pictures, tickets from movies you watched together, bill from the first ever date you went on, a letter you want to address to the future her/him. Bury it close to your home so that you can open it on your 50th anniversary celebration.
#4. Matching love bands.

Buy a pair of him and her Platinum bands that represent both of you as parts of a single heart. It will find a way to always stay with you and your partner, which makes it really special.
#5. Mugs with pictures of every milestone you achieve together.

Keep the mugs on a wall and it will be your own personal wall of memories.