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California Couple Who Added A Woman To Their Marriage Says It’s Better For Parenting And Sex Life

Michelle Catano,, Michael Catano, and Courtney Catano live together in California

This couple introduced another woman to their relationship after ten years and are currently together living as a trio, sharing the same bed and all the responsibilities of a parent.

Matthew and Michelle Catano from Huntington Beach, California, met a decade ago but after years of marriage decided that there was something missing between them.

They used a dating app two years ago and hooked up with 26-year-old Courtney who boosted their sex lives with threesomes as well as their family bond.

Matthew and Michelle have two children – Dario and Anthony – and Courtney helps parent them

After hitting it off, Courtney moved in with Matthew, 31, Michelle, 30, and their two sons who now call her their ‘mom’.

It has been two years since they are living as a polygamous triad and meet up with other like-minded lovers calling themselves poly families.

Despite being married for 10 years, there is no jealousy when it comes to the trio’s sex life. They say they enjoy threesomes and watching each other have sex because ‘they get to see how much love and passion there is between them’.

Courtney was introduced to the Catano fam after Matthew and Michelle, , had been married 10 years

Matthew said: ‘Being involved with two women is a confidence booster. I’m a needy person so enjoy the extra love and affection.’

As well as spicing up his life in the bedroom, the unorthodox arrangement has given him an extra pair of hands on deck around the house with chores and childcare.

His children Dario, seven, and Anthony, two, now have two mothers, their biological mom Michelle and their adopted guardian Courtney.

Mathew believes introducing Courtney has boosted their sex life

The new addition to the relationship is a stay-at-home mom, meaning the kids get more support and allow Michael and Michelle to work full-time.

All three share their love for each other on social media.

Courtney posted a picture of her with Michelle and the caption: ‘The way she looks at me, touches me, puts up with me and most of all loves me is so amazing.

‘I love you Michelle. Always my women’s crush.’

And after only six months together Courtney posted a picture of the entire gang with the caption: ‘I don’t normally do this but I fell head over heels for these people.

‘It has been an amazing six months and can’t wait for what’s ahead in our future.

‘I love you both and the kids so much thank you for coming into my life.’

Like any other family, they go on holidays and meet other people. In the case of the Catanos, that interest is what they call throupling.

In April, they met Buddy, Rose and Lauren Sully, a polygamous trio with children just like them.

The Sullys

When they met the trio, the Sullys posted a photo and a caption reading: ‘We got to meet our first triad/poly family today.

‘It was such an amazing time with great energy – it was very refreshing.

the Catanos met Buddy, Rose and Lauren Sully – a polygamous trio with children just like them.

‘Can’t wait to get our families together again.’

These are the two families who have been living as a triad in the US, opposing the conventional family of two.





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