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Here Is How To Find Out That It Is Lust And Not Love

Love and lust are two dissimilar yet similar things. The line that distinguishes the two may not always be clear but with time, you know how to find out what exactly you are feeling for the other person. And it is vital to know when you are loving someone and when you are just lusting. Lust fades away with time, it is a plain physical feeling that does not stay for long. You don’t really feel that connection with your partner when what’s there in between you is not love.

A relationship demands more than $ex, it demands actually being there for your partner and respecting them for everything.

Take a look:

#1. You always think of $ex

When people are in lust and not love, all they think about is $ex. The latter is more than that, it’s more than just thinking about $ex, it’s how much you want to be with the person and think of everything.

#2. The desire to always look good

This is one of the strongest ways to find out what exactly you are feeling. When in love, people tend to be themselves, that desire and tension of always making the other person remain attracted to you physically don’t exist.

#3. One ignores the flaws in the other person

Lust is purely physical and in turn, it doesn’t let you see the flaws in the other person. But when it’s love you don’t just see the flaws but try to help your partner in getting over them.

#4. You think before speaking

Once you start loving someone, you start being yourself, you let the other person see who you are. You don’t think before speaking your heart out. When lusting for someone, you think and then say in order to make the person see that you are perfect.

#5. No talking about secrets

When two people are actually together, they trust each other and share everything. They confide even the tiniest secrets. But when it’s just lusting over each other, this does not happen.

#6. There is no friendship

Two people don’t fall for each other just like that, it starts with getting close and becoming the best of friends. And this is one way to find out what your relationship actually is.

#7. The charm gets lost with time

You can’t keep lusting for someone forever. This is probably the strongest way to find out what exactly is between you two. A relationship with loving partners never loses its charm.

#8. There is no commitment

People in a serious relationship will always talk about them being committed. But you don’t want others to find out what exactly is there between you two, it is lust.

#9. Deep down your partner is just a stranger

When you start loving a person, you tend to know him/her. But while lusting, you don’t really care if you know the person completely or not.

#10. Never discuss about the future

This is exactly what you are thinking. People start planning their future when in a serious relationship. But that does not happen when in lust, the thoughts of future never cross your mind even once.

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