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Russian Man Rams Stolen Tank Into Supermarket, Steals Wine

You must have come across videos on YouTube of Russian people walking on ridiculously high scaffolding without any safety precautions, or bungee jumping off high rise buildings with a DIY rope, then you’ll know that doing extreme things seems to just run in their blood.

A man enduring Arctic temperature in Murmansk, a city in northwest Russia, was desperate for a bottle of wine.

The man was so desperate that he stole a snow-covered tank from a military training organisation and then ram-raid it into the side of a supermarket in order to steal said bottle.

This is what exactly an unidentified man did, smashing into a parked Daewoo car before planting the tank outside of a supermarket and grabbing a bottle of wine originating from the Crimea, an area that was annexed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin In 2014.

It’s quite surprising how he got into the tank or turned it on because the Russian military don’t just leave the keys in the ignition. It’s also quite impressive he managed to drive it and only smash one car in the process.

He then left the tank where it was and promptly ran off into the night but was quickly apprehended by police.






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