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This Brothel For Sex Dolls Is Offering A “Try Before You Buy” Deal For It’s Consumers

Science is becoming more advanced, which brings us to some weird inventions. One such invention is sex dolls. Already, these dolls, had so much weirdness about them, now, they come with the “try before you buy” deal. Apparently, a brothel has come in the arena and is taking up the jobs of prostitutes. The brothel is offering a “try before you buy” deal for the sex dolls. Let’s have a look at what else this brothel is offering.

1. Technology

The machine sex is no more a weird thing with the invention of these dolls. Being alone is no more a worry. Not sure if you want it? Have a look at the brothel offering a “try before you buy” deal.

2. One of it’s kind

This brothel is one of its kind. The brothel is situated in Gateshead and it’s a first one in the UK. The brothel named the “lovedoll UK” provides it’s consumers a unique and excellent opportunity to have a hands-on experience before you end up buying these dolls. This “try before you buy” is definitely a win-win deal.

3. The variety the brothel offers

This place provides it’s customers a variety of sex dolls. You get to try dolls of every shapes, size, and colors. Get the best out of this “try before you buy” deal.

4. Live location

The brothel is situated in an industrial estate of North England. The rooms come with every nitty-gritty of a good orgasm. From a good bed to condoms, you can find everything without any difficulty. This place is really worth the “try before you buy” deal.

5. The sheer talent

The owner of this brothel who goes by the name Graham, not only offers this amazing deal of “try before you buy” but he has the talent of giving the dolls the face of your crush, any celeb or your neighbor. Name it and you got it.

6. Getting nostalgic

According to the owner, people like these dolls because as a child we all played with one. Some people keep it for a very short time while others even get married to them. So, the deal of “try before you buy” sounds tempting.

7. The customer base

The owner of the brothel claims that the escorts are scared of him as he might put them out of business. According to him, his customers range from men to women. Women buy the dolls in order to keep their husbands from cheating.

8. Bionic

The company gets many orders where they make the dolls according to their customer’s choice. Most of the time it’s a crush. Though “try before you buy” is a great deal but some doesn’t seem to bother.

9. Willingness

If you thought this brothel is the first and last one then hold your horses. This place has become a trailblazer for another brothel in Amsterdam. Not only this but this one is funded by the taxpayers.

10. The research

You think this is weird? Hold on. Some studies were conducted and the results will blow your mind. The result states that it will get more normal with time. Hence, more “try before you buy” offers. Now, deal with this.

11. An experience

These sex dolls can actually replace the escorts. That’s what the doll named Fanny did. With the increasing craze for these dolls, the “try before you buy” deal appears even more appealing.

12. Bionic

Women are not far behind when it comes to buying these. For them, dolls with six to seven-inch bionic manhood are raving the market. Hopefully, a brothel with the “try before you buy” deal will soon come their way.






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