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Reunited With Her Parents After The Operation Because Of A Godly Man


Little Zubaida Hasan, a 9 year old girl child was living with her parents in a remote village in Afghanistan. In 2001, Zubaida was poring kerosene into the stove in her family kitchen when something went awry with the kerosene being used, and there was an explosion. The flames burnt most of her face and chest which was very serious.

The lower half of her face has literally melted into her neck. Due to the lack of proper medical care, the scar tissue formed, and the damage of the untreated burns became more severe. In 2002, after one year of the accident, her father took her to the US military base in Kabul, recommended by some local shopkeepers.

Zubaida was suffering from a lot of pain and was unable to eat and sleep since her eyes and mouth were not closing properly. The State Department contacted Dr Peter Grossman, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specialized for burn victims.

She flew to Los Angeles with her father to meet Dr Grossman. Zubaida, completed 12 major surgeries over a course of 1 year, and within a short period of time, the results are astounding. During the surgery, they used multiple skin grafts from her back and slowly the scar tissue was transformed into a little’s girl face.

During the course of operation, Dr Grossman became very attached to the little girl, so Grossman and his wife decided to take care of Zubaida for the duration of the operation.

Zubaida was a gifted dancer and she learned English in 12 weeks in school, surrounded with her friends. Soon, Zubaida started calling Grossman and his wife Mommy and Daddy. She celebrated 11th and 12th birthday simultaneously. After 1 year Zubaida’s treatment was finished.

Dr Grossman flew to Afghanistan with Zubaida as one day she has to return to her home. Zubaida’s parents were speechless when they saw their daughter again in person. Now, Zubaida proudly works to aid others that find themselves in the same situation she once found herself.