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A Single Red Locker Turns Out To Be A Celebrity In Tumblr


Single Red Locker became a celebrity on Tumblr last week. The Single Red Locker belongs to the NAD school of Digital Arts, Animation and Design. Apparently, the students are moving the locker around the school the whole semester.

The story of the Single Red Locker came into limelight when Florence, a 20 year old NAD student first shared the story of the Red Locker, saying that people got more and more intense about moving it around. According to her you would find it beside the exit and then the next day it would be in the back of the room, and things like that.


But, as the weeks went on the locker would be placed in even strange places, like in the middle of the locker rows. But she even mentioned that when the locker is placed in the position as shown in the second picture, on top of the rows, shit went downhill.

After that the Principal posted a message on the school’s private Facebook group saying that students need to behave according to their age. The Principal warned that doing dumb things with the locker might hurt someone or block a fire exit or something.

The few comments on the Principal’s Facebook post were positive. But after that memes started popping up.






During the whole party the locker is up on the stage and most of the staff found it pretty funny and hilarious. The Principal went up to the stage to present a speech and finally acknowledges the red locker.