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Top 15 Worst WWE Wardrobe Malfunctions

WWE wrestling is a sport like no other on screen. In some of the sports, there are other professional athletes that wear little clothing, like, beach volleyball, swimming, or diving to name a few, but none are quite like WWE. WWE is televised scripted wrestling that happens in very little clothing. With a sport this physical and because it was on pay per view TV there has been a lot of nudity over the years, so here are 15 of the best on screen nudity moments, both accidental and on purpose.

Terri Runnels

WWE is scripted, so different seasons or episodes feel very different than the one before sometimes to keep the show interesting. This moment happened when WWE was in The Attitude Era and they were broadcasting on Saturday nights live from places like night clubs.

Kimona Wanalaya

Kimona was on WWE TV for the wrestling, but during the ECW era other talents of hers ended up getting called to stage as well. During a dull moment on the show Paul Heyman asked Kimona, a former professional stripper, to do a sexy striptease on the main stage.


Jacqueline Moore has had a very long and successful career in WWE that sometimes gets overlooked, but it shouldn’t! She worked from the late 80’s until recently, meaning she had an over 20 year long career in WWE, which is way longer than most wrestlers make it!


This was one of those accidental tops off moments that TNA ended up just rolling with. The company liked to broadcast wild things, and the crazier the better, here you can see Sports Entertainment Xtreme, aka SEX, ripping off Lollipop’s top while in the ring.

Rory Fargo

Rory’s career in WWE was a short one, and he might have faded out of the scene unremembered if it weren’t for this one incident caught on film in 2008. Fargo had a beef with WWE wrestler Zach Ryder and at the end of their match Ryder reached down Fargo’s pants and exposed him to the crowd.

Dawn Marie

Even those of you who have not heard of WWE have almost certainly heard of Girls Gone Wild. Well, back in the 80’s WWE and Girls Gone Wild decided to do cross promotion to get both of their numbers up, Dawn Marie’s bold move was a part of this and worked quite well.

Miss Kitty Carter

Never one to shy away from the camera Stacy Carter, aka Miss Kitty, was known for her risque moves on screen. Probably her best known moment was when during the 1999 WWE Divas tape Armageddon she decided to rip off her top and expose herself to the anyone watching.


For those of you who don’t know ECW originally stood for Eastern Championship Wrestling, not Extreme Championship Wrestling. Back in the early days in 1993 there was an onscreen dispute that ended with Angel’s top getting ripped off in the ring and on film.

Shawn Michaels

Men in WWE wrestling are already shirtless, so they don’t need any more exposure, even by WWE standards. That didn’t stop several male wrestlers like Shawn Michaels from dropping their bottoms and flashing their bums to the crowd on multiple occasions over his career.

ChynaJoanie Laurer, better known by her WWE name Chyna, is not one to shy away from nudity. She has posed for playboy twice and was in multiple adult films. In comparison to that her nudity in WWE, just flashing her bum to the camera seems totally tame for wild Chyna.


There was a lot of speculation within the sport that Sable didn’t care about wrestling, and was just using it as a platform to become famous. Whether that was true or not what we can be sure of was that she was considered one of the hottest of the Attitude Era in WWE wrestling.

Miss Kitty… Again

Stacy Carter, aka Miss Kitty, is in here twice because although she may not have been the best wrestler, boy did she ever love getting naked! Here she is seen when she shed her top again, and this time she decided to shed her old name, this time deciding to be called The Kat instead of Miss Kitty.

Billy Gunn

Once a part of the well liked partnership ‘The Smoking Gunns’ Billy had a career switch up when his partner dropped off the scene. At that point WWE decided to rebrand Billy as Mr. Ass. The new Mr. Ass was called that because he liked to kick ass, and he liked to show his ass.

Sherri Martel

As WWE has progressed over the years they have ended up showing more and more skin, so in the Attitude Era this may have seemed like no big deal. However back in 1992 when Sherri Martel’s bum was exposed wearing only a lacy thong it caused quite the stir.

Trish Stratus

Right as she was breaking onto the WWE Scene Trish Stratus decided to star in a PG-13 Diva video filmed by WWE. These videos were a lot like Sports Illustrated calendars are now and were mostly just hot women nearly naked moving and posing for the camera.






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