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Stepdad Who Accused Of Killing His Girlfriend's Son Over Lost Trainer Convicted

A stepdad is accused of beating his girlfriend’s five-year-old son to death over a lost trainer.

Marvyn Iheanacho, 39, had a record of violence, including six convictions for domestic abuse after he attacked five partners and a child.

Instead of his appalling record and a terrifying temper he was allowed to look after the boy after he went on a new relationship.

Iheanacho had been in a relationship with Lilya Breha, the mother of Alex (pictured together)

Marvyn Iheanacho (left) flew into a rage and subjected Alex Malcolm (right) to a brutal attack

A police photograph of notes written by Iheanacho in prison, under the heading ‘mistakes’

The accused started seeing a single mother Lilya Breha, who is unknown about the fact that he had just been released from prison for assaulting his fifth girlfriend.

Last year, on November 20, on a trip to the park the jobless father-of-three lost his temper when his new partner’s son, Alex Malcolm, lost a trainer.

He battered the little boy with such savagery that witnesses who overheard eight ‘booming’ blows initially thought two grown men were fighting. They heard the child begging for mercy, sobbing, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

Iheanacho didn’t even took him took him to the hospital which is only a five-minute walk away, instead carried him through the street before taking a cab to Miss Breha’s home in Bromley, South-East London, where he attacked her, throttling her as she tried to call 999.

Iheanacho, who was known to Alex as ‘Daddy Mills’, admitted beating the boy before in a note

After two hours Miss Breha managed to raise the, but, unfortunately doctors were unable to save the youngster, who had 22 bruises from head to toe. He died two days later following a bleed to the brain.

Yesterday, the accused was convicted but he denied murder. A jury at Woolwich Crown Court took six hours to dismiss his story that Alex accidentally fell off his shoulders as he walked back from Mountsfield Park in Catford, South-East London. Iheanacho, of Hounslow, West London, will be sentenced on Tuesday.

During his trial Miss Breha learned about his past. He had so many convictions it took prosecutors 15 minutes to read them out.

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Police Act 2014 gave police the power to request a criminal behaviour order in cases of domestic violence, forcing offenders to tell officers every time they begin a relationship so police can warn new partners about them.

But police never contacted Miss Breha, who had a five-month relationship with Iheanacho, to made aware of his appalling past after they met through a mutual friend as he was being released from prison.

The red jacket worn by Alex on the day he was subjected to an attack that led to his death

Marvyn Iheanacho (left) was found guilty of battering the five-year-old boy to death in a park

Iheanacho (left) has a string of previous convictions for violent offences, including attacks on ex-partners and robbery. Ms Breha (right) nodded as the verdict was announced in court today

While she was on work she used to left her son in Iheanacho’s care. She used to work as as a baby sitter and dog minder.

‘It’s a joke,’ she said. ‘I just wish I’d known. I knew he had been in prison, but he said he was innocent. I had no idea about his past and the first time I heard about it I was disgusted. I was so shocked. I just felt sick.

‘I was so naive. He would come over and help Alex with homework. I trusted him. He had his own kids. I never imagined this would happen. Something should have been done with someone like that.’

At the age of 19, he was first convicted of domestic violence, when he punched a girlfriend in the face, kicked her in the ribs and stamped on her head after she refused to lend him £5.

Again in 2012, he battered another partner with a saucepan with such force that he dented the pan before dragging her around the kitchen by her hair and stamping on her face just because she would not let him borrow her car.

He even punched and kicked her 13-year-old son as he tried to save her. Two years later he knocked another girlfriend unconscious by punching and kicking her in the head because she refused to lend him her phone.

In 2013 he throttled a fourth partner when she told him he could have a duplicate of his son’s birth certificate instead of the original.

He was even jailed for whipping another girlfriend with a belt, grabbing her by the throat and shoving a bottle into her face just because she asked him to put something in the bin.

Miss Breha paid tribute to her son, saying: ‘We called him little angel. He was perfect. He was my best friend. He was my strength and my purpose for living. The hardest thing I have ever had to hear, was that my child died.’

Iheanacho, of Hounslow, West London, denied murder before the Woolwich Crown Court trial

Ms Breha said Alex had been her ‘purpose for living’ and she had been lying next to him in hospital with her hand on his chest, feeling ‘every single one of his final heartbeats’

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