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6 Alternative Uses For Ice Cube Trays

We can actually freeze everything! Well, we don’t know about everything, but you should absolutely give it go with the following types of food. From making your ice cubs that bit more interesting to saving food for...


4 Beauty Tricks With Baking Powder

Baking powder is now well known as an alternate cleaning agent. But it’s not just good for bringing your oven or your bath back to their sparkling best — your skin can also benefit...


This Detox Cure Will Cleanse Your Body In Two Weeks

You’ve possibly heard the term “detox” before. You might be thinking this is something that only Hollywood celebrities do when partaking of a luxurious spa retreat, but this is something everyone can do to help their...


14 Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Should Know!

For any girl, beauty doesn’t come naturally. Some got to spend time priming and sharpening so as to urge the proper look that they need. In their own way, every girl is beautiful, but,...