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Do Free Energy Devices Exist?

A free energy device is one that creates energy in an open system. This means that the physical device is open to take energy from around it’s environment. Our educational institutions and mainstream science...


Sushi Comes To Life And Nearly Escapes

One of the best things about American cuisine culture is that we have access to foods from all over the world. We adopt many ideas from different countries, and food is no omission. There...


How to save your dog’s life with these 6 steps

Every dog owner is scared to lose their four-legged best friend. That’s why many of us frequently go to the vet to make sure our doggies are doing well. But if your dog abruptly stops breathing...


12 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean

We all know that dreams are the most common phenomenon. There is a perception that Most Common Dreams are a reflection of what all we think of while we are awake. However, according to...