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This Is What That Hole In The Back Of Your iPhone Is Really For

That Little Hole


When the iPhone 5 was introduced, a small but important element came with the newest release. It may seem irrelevant at first glance but a small hole at the top of the case on the back of the phone plays an important role. Users have been baffled about what it could be. Since the hole is so small, it’s very difficult to investigate without damaging the phone.

Noise cancellation


It turns out, the black hole on the back of the phone is an additional microphone. It’s not a standard microphone though. Its purpose is to absorb and help filter out background noise. This new feature allows anyone you are speaking with to better hear your voice by eliminating unnecessary sounds. This new microphone also helps to make Siri’s recognition of your voice even better.



So, with the noise cancelling microphone added to all new iPhones, all Apple phones now have a total of three microphones. There is one in the front at the top, one on the bottom of the phone for traditional phone calls, and the new microphone on the back of the phone for noise cancellation. Having three separate microphones helps to give you the best possible sound quality, whether you are talking on the phone or recording a video.

The Explanation

Philip Schiller is the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Inc. He often appears in the company’s public presentations to describe new features or products. In this video, he is talking about the new audio system and he describes all of the features that have been added to help improve the phone’s sound quality.