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Apple iPhone X Users Claim They Can’t Answer Phone Calls

The users of iPhone X are in uproar after an apparent design flaw in the £1,000 phones was exposed.

iPhone X, which has been announced with a huge media furore and commensurately large sales figures, has been dogged with user experience problems, and the recent one involves problems with call screening.

According to the users when they receive a phone call, the phone rings and vibrates as it should, but the screen remains off and thus it is impossible to discover who is calling.

Due to which, users cannot make a decision about whether or not they should accept the incoming call.

“When receiving incoming calls on iPhone X, it only rings and vibrates, there is no display on screen,” wrote a user on Apple’s official forum in December, with another adding: “The iPhone X screen does not come on till the third ring but the sound is fine.

“After three rings the screen shows the caller. After switching off and on the phone the problem goes away but again repeats after a few days.”

In response to the solution, Apple advised their users to reinstall the phone’s operating system, but, that has been shown to be ineffective in the long term. “After a few days the problem has again started recurring.

When I switch off and on the phone, the problem goes away, but starts after again after a few days,” posted one Apple user.

Other user experience flaws have been discovered that are causing consternation online. As winter has arrived, many have reported that their handsets fail in low temperatures and become unresponsive to swiping and other touch screen features – particularly annoying as the iPhone X does not have a home button.

Long-term, high usage users have also reported headaches and eyesight issues that have arisen from the screen, which many perceive as flickering.

“I have been experiencing headaches every time I’m on my phone for ten minutes or more. This has never happened to me before on any of my other devices,” wrote one disgruntled user on the official Apple online forum.

After a huge media launch, the sales of the iPhone X were expected to be very strong, but they have reportedly failed to live up to expectations.






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