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Tip For Teeth Whitening.



There is no better way to approach a person than with a beautiful smile. Obviously, you need good looking teeth to enhance your smile. Not just that, teeth is very essential for a basic function called chewing. So, here is a tip which helps you in teeth whitening.

One of the best and natural way of teeth whitening is the mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and strawberry. This mixture can be prepared at home.

Baking soda scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate contains mild abrasive properties which allows it to scrub the stains on the teeth and get  the whiter shade back.

This is how you do it. Tea spoon of baking soda is mixed with fresh lime juice or water until it turns into paste. Then, using a tooth brush apply it to your teeth and leave it for a minute. Make sure the teeth is dry before applying the paste. If the baking soda is mixed with water then the paste can be left upto 3 minutes before it is rinsed completely.

Strawberry contains vitamin C and malic acid, an enzyme which helps in the removal of stains. The presence of vitamin c allows to break down the plaque which makes the teeth appear yellow. Debris can be removed by adding salt to the mixture of baking soda and strawberry. This mixture is left for 5 minutes before rinsing it.

According to the study conducted by Colgate hydrogen peroxide and baking soda are the 2 agents which help in teeth whitening.

It should be noted that the mixture must contain less of baking soda to avoid the grittiness of the paste.