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Relationship Professional Tracey Cox On How To Have Great S*X Whatever Your Partner's Size

Relationships aren’t always perfect and more often than not, we all have to make them work regardless of how much we love each other.

Sometimes you might end up with a partner is just perfect for you in every way…but one.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals how to have the best sex possible – no matter what his penis size

If he’s got a too large penis or a too small one, and your bits don’t agree to even it all out, you end up lopsided lovers.

A mismatch doesn’t mean you have to compromise. You can cope with both ends of the spectrum and the perfect positions to try depending on whether he’s big or small…

Tracey says that when dealing with a larger member it is important to take things slowly



Make sure you’re fully aroused before he penetrates. As you become sexually aroused, muscular tension pulls the uterus upward, creating more space in the vagina and expanding it from four to six inches long. This is called ‘vaginal tenting’.

The reason why sex experts bang on and on about the importance of foreplay is because foreplay is what causes the vagina to tent, making sex comfortable and pleasurable for both of you.

If you’re this combination that is small vagina, big penis, foreplay isn’t just essential, penetration might not even be possible without it.

Push down with your vaginal muscles while he’s penetrating. Bearing down makes you feel in control and makes penetration easier.

Comfort yourself with logic

Your vaginal muscles are elastic enough to take the biggest penis because after all, you deliver a baby from the same place!

Always use a good quality personal lubricant. Adding extra lubrication is the single, most effective thing you can do to make sex more comfortable.

If you’re too embarrassed to have the tube by the bed, go to the loo before you have sex and insert some deep into the vagina. Warmth and your natural lubrication will spread it to all the right places.

Once you’re comfortable with each other, get him to massage the entrance of your vagina with a water-based lubricant for several minutes before intercourse to relax the area.


Penetrate slowly, a little at a time, and stop each step of the way so your bodies can become accustomed to each other. YOU control the insertion.

Try penetrating from different angles to see which feels most comfortable. If he’s really big, you might not ever want full penetration.

Keep thrusting shallow and gentle.

Have intercourse just before you’re about to have an orgasm from oral sex or manual masturbation, so your vaginal canal is as expanded as possible.

The more aroused you are, the better prepared your body will be.


Choose those that don’t allow deep penetration

Good bets: you-on-top, so you get to control the depth of his thrusts or side by side (both lie on your sides facing each other. You rest your upper leg over his hips as he penetrates).

Or try missionary with a twist: you lie on your back, he penetrates from on top, as usual.

Then you tightly close your legs to minimize access as he thrusts – this not only helps control the depth of penetration, it also feels better for him because he’s thrusting between your thighs as well as into your vagina.



Do kegel exercises

The more toned your pelvic floor muscles, the better able you are to squeeze around his penis.

To identify the muscle you need to squeeze, sit on the loo and stop yourself peeing midstream. The muscle you used to stop or stem the flow is the PC muscle.

Give yourself an internal workout by squeezing and holding your PC muscle for the count of three, at least 20 times a day.

Work up to three sets a day and you should notice a big difference in about three weeks.

Don’t make intercourse the main event.

A small penis isn’t significant if he’s given you lots of non-penetrative orgasms first through oral sex, manual masturbation or using a sex toy.

This takes the pressure off both of you and remember: most women find it difficult reaching orgasm through intercourse anyway. Small can be a bonus because he’ll focus more on foreplay!


Get his head straight. Read out some key stats and facts from the ‘Big is sometimes worse’ section.

Put two pillows underneath your bum when you’re underneath. Get him to put his legs on either side of yours, rather than opening yours wide.

Encourage him to thrust hard and deeply

Another advantage to having a smaller penis: you get to completely lose control and thrust harder and deeper than usual.


You lie on your back and wrap your legs over his shoulders, narrowing the vaginal canal and allowing him deep access.

Or kneel on all fours as he penetrates from behind.

Also try this: lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest. He penetrates from on top with your feet resting on his shoulders.


His penis is too thin? You lie on your stomach, he enters from behind while you squeeze your legs together. Keeping your legs close together will tighten the vaginal canal and instantly enlarge him.

He’s too tall? Jump on top.

He’s too short? Find uneven ground: he stands while you sit on the edge of a table or chair then straddle his hips while holding on to his shoulders.

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