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10 Awesome And Cheap Backpacking Destinations Across The World

Traveling is all about education, learning about the world, the cultures of others and life in general. Traveling lessons are endless and it opens your eyes to the realities of life. Backpacking is a better way to experience life through traveling, and it doesn’t mean you need to shell out a hefty amount of cash.

If you want to explore the world, here are some of the best and cheapest countries to visit, according to Student Universe.

1. Nepal

Nepal is a popular backpacking destination for those who are on a budget. This country offers more than just living out of a backpack. It’s where some of the world’s highest peaks are located like Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga.

2. Thailand

Thailand has become a popular backpacking destination over the past years. The cost of living is affordable and the sceneries are breathtaking. This is the perfect country for budget-conscious backpackers who are looking for a tropical destination with a diverse and rich culture.

3. India

India is ideal for backpackers who don’t mind being a little uncomfortable. The good news? It’s really affordable and the culture is diverse.

4. Sri Lanka

Backpacking in Sri Lanka is as cheap as in Thailand. There are various tourist destinations to visit like national parks and cultural centers.

5. Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the best places to backpack. There are thousands of islands to explore. Just like other Southeast Asian countries, traveling to this country is cheap and worthwhile.

6. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is the perfect alternative to other Central American countries that are quite pricey. This country is the perfect backpacking destination if you’re on a budget but wants to explore the culture of Central America.

7. Peru

Peru is home to the world’s breathtaking rainforests and beaches. Just like the other countries on this list, you’ll not shell out a hefty amount of cash when you backpack in Peru.

8. Turkey

Affordable backpacking trips are not just limited to Southeast Asia. If you want a taste of the West meets East, visit Turkey, even if you’re on a budget. Traveling to this side of the planet is cheap, not like in other countries.

9. Albania

Albania is a cheaper alternative to Greece and Italy. You can still enjoy the Mediterranean sceneries and architecture without spending as much as you would in other countries.

10. Costa Rica

If you’re someone who wants to explore wildlife and untouched rainforests, Costa Rica is the country to visit.






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