15 People’s Last Text Messages Received From Their Loved Ones And They’re Touching

    In Tumblr blog people can submit their last text messages that they received from their loved ones. It’s honestly feel heartbroken to see relationship that lasted years ended in a few seconds. Here are few of the best entries from the blog.

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    Two days later I woke up to a call from her boyfriend that she’d committed suicide and my best friend was gone forever.

    I am haunted every day by the fact that I was too caught up in my own shit to ask her if she was okay too.

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    These were sent 3 weeks after we broke up.

    No matter what I said to him, he was always insecure about how I felt about him. I was really falling for him… Until his own anxieties and self-doubt started to crumble the relationship.

    Each time I went out with friends, he questioned why I didn’t want to be with him anymore. When I was stressed and wanted a night to work on my projects due soon, he screamed, cried and had a panic attack.

    I realize now that every moment spent away from him translated to me not caring about him. Would the relationship have worked out if he was in a healthier state of mind? Maybe. But I’m just not ready to talk to him until he’s better.

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    My good friend’s dad died around Thanksgiving. Two weeks later he drank himself to death.

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    The last conversation with the person who is quite possibly my soulmate. This is after I decided I can’t fight this hard to feel this unwanted.

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    We dated for almost 7 years. From age 16 to 23. We went to different colleges but managed to stay together despite a LOT of bumps. I thought I was in love but I think I was just addicted to him and scared of being alone. He was a terrible boyfriend- emotionally, verbally and towards the end slightly physically abusive. His own insecurities can turn him into a monster. During our last year together, we lived together and it was the worst, loneliest year of my life. I caught him texting other girls and one night we fought so bad about it (this wasn’t the first time I caught him doing so) he got physical for the first time. This was April of 2015. In September of 2015, I packed up my things and never looked back. It was the best decision of my life- I’m now with my life-long neighbor and life-long crush. Not only am I madly in love with an amazing man but I have never been more loved and adored in my life. Post break-up, my ex went crazy and I had to block his number. I went through a period where I unblocked his number to confront him about not taking me off his renter’s insurance policy (which i was unknowingly still paying) and these were some of the last texts I’ve received. His number has been blocked for a while now but my friends still see him occasionally. He’s always wasted and getting kicked out of bars. I want him to be okay but I’ll never get sucked into that blackhole ever again.