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40 Behind The Scene Images That Will Change The Way You See Movies.

We all love to see some excellent movies of our favourite actors, with mind-blowing scenes, locations and breath-taking actions. Though we all know that what we see are not true behind the scenes.

Here are some behind the scenes images from some of the most iconic movies over the years. Enjoy these behind the scenes true images of your favorite movies and actors.

1. Princess Leia gives Luke her co-actor a refreshing beer in Star Wars.

2. An Alien doesn’t seem so scary after all.

3. Jaws must not have been hungry that day. Lucky Steven!

4. Star Wars a galaxy far far away was actually very close.

5. Is this the Hulk or Bruce Banner?

6. Freddy Kruger relaxing with his victims before killing.

7. No, Magical Wand works here. Even Bellatrix Lestrange has to check her email.

8. Inception blew your mind in more ways than you know.

9. Bill Murray behind the scenes on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

10. Even Wizards don’t like to get wet.

11. Frodo’s epic journey would have been much faster in a helicopter.

12. It was just a swim in the pool.

13. Return to carry the Jedi.

14. The knights of the round table also loved football.

15. Kill Bill BFFs! After the head slice.

16. The Titanic before sinking.

17. Even Hannibal Lecter likes french fries.

18. Dangerous killers, or relaxed pals from Pulp Fiction.

19. Bane and Batman Best Friends Forever.

20. Andy Serkis monkeying around on the set from Planet Of The Apes movies.

21. Leo looks at things from the director’s point of view during the shooting of Django Unchained.

22. 300: Rise Of An Empire and rise of the mountains.

23. R2D2 enjoys a thoroughly deserved sandwich during a break. Beep Boob.

24. The lower half of Godzilla terrorizes a poor Japanese town.

25. This one is incredible, it’s the shooting of the original MGM logo shot from 1924.

26. E.T. getting a bath from director Steven Spielberg.

27. Heath Ledger when he’s hanging from the skyscraper.The Joker loves green.

28. The Wolverine anyway with or without the cut mark.

29. Kermit and Miss Piggy are huge movie fans of Star Wars.

30. Chewbacca getting a little too frisky during one of the funnier outtakes of Star Wars.

31. Finally, the best way to kill Batman, skateboard him.

32. It’s official, Princess Leia and Chewbacca are actually BFFs. 

33. “Back to the Future”, with a much smaller DeLorean

34. Clever girl…wait no, clever man. Jurassic Park III just got real.

35. The actual ocean set of “Life of Pi”

36. Rose and Jack chilling before drowning.

37. Ben-Hur swaps out his horse chariot for a Vespa.

38. Het! That wooden board had enough room for Jack too. Poor chap.

39. Connecting under the umbrella in “The Temple of Doom”

40. Gandalf standing in-between his stunt and riding doubles.





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