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This Is What TSA Did To A Half-Blind, Teenage Cancer Patient For Being Confused During A Search.

I’m sure you guys would know how randomly they search people, I mean, they’ve searched me so many times that I’ve begun to think that their searches aren’t random anymore. Moreover, the failure rate of the TSA is so high that people have managed to sneak guns past them. They don’t let you take water bottles into the airport, but you can buy a bottle for $5 once you’re inside. Not to mention, the people who are made late by their incompetence who inevitably miss their flights.

But this time the TSA took it quite far by slamming a teenage girl with a brain tumor to the floor at Memphis Airport.

Hannah Cohen was traveling with her family to her home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, after receiving treatment for her tumor. She’s partially deaf, paralyzed, and is blind in one eye, which is why she became disoriented after she accidentally set off a security alarm at the airport.

When the TSA began searching Hannah, it coupled with alarm and her disability. Airport security responded by repeatedly throwing her to the ground.


Hannah was arrested, but the charges against her were dropped immediately once TSA realized that they had screwed up, royally.

Hannah’s family is now seeking $100,000 in medical damages, pain and public embarrassment.


Her lawyers are making a pretty strong case too:

“The security personnel failed to recognize that she was confused because of her obvious disability and was unable to cooperate with the search.”

The TSA didn’t comment until the lawsuit had been addressed.