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15 Countries With Significantly High Levels Of Prostitution

Prostitution is the first known profession to man and for obvious reasons being that we only need a few things in this world to survive. Food, water, shelter, and lastly sex. Yes it’s true, without these four components, we would literally go insane and most likely end up in a psych ward.

Countries across the globe are fully mindful of this problem and some have decided to legalize prostitution in order to make the sex work industry safer and we’re here today to let you know which fifteen countries around the world have an insane amount of prostitution going on to this very day.

Take a look:

#1. Cambodia

Cambodia has always fascinated us, it has a mash-up of different Southern Asian cultures and the ability to run on its own without the interference of their neighboring powerhouse of China. Fortunately, prostitution is big business in the country, unfortunately, a widespread HIV breakout has occurred in recent years.

#2. Dominican Republic

Not only is the Dominican Republic known for its beautiful beaches and violent history of liberation aided by their neighboring country in Haiti, they also are the leading country in adult tourism in the Caribbean. It should also be noted that Newsweek has reported that there are very few trafficking convictions finalized as well. Sounds fishy, if you ask us… No pun intended.

#3. Kenya

Kenya’s known to have strict laws against prostitution but, that hasn’t stopped the country’s rise to the top of this particular list as police enforcement is aware of the dangers and small cities that hold prostitution rings but, are being paid to keep quiet about it. Also, you can get a receipt for your ‘services’ out there as well. We can’t make this stuff up folks…

#4. Netherlands

We’ve all seen movies where a pack of goof troops head to Amsterdam in order to get baked off their a**es and enjoy the sights and wonders of the Red Light District, a hub known for its wide array of on display prostitutes in clear glass windows. Well, this is a reality and according to the Amsterdam Advisor, there can be nearly 1,000 sex workers available in the area at any given time.

#5. Colombia

A lot of people have magically become experts on Colombia since the debut of Narcos but, behind the country’s dark secret of drug trafficking, the country also has an even darker problem on the horizon in regards to adult tourism. Sex work is on the rise in the South American country and according to the New York Daily News, streetwalking is limited to certain parts of the country.

#6. The Philippines

Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, not much is done in order to prevent it from happening. But, when action is taken, the punishment can lead to a lifetime in prison for traffickers. Still, the hustle hasn’t really been knocked in the developing country.

#7. Spain

Before you jump out the window at the image of these sex workers posted in front of a fast food restaurant, let it be known, prostitution has been legal in Spain since 1995. Unfortunately, what comes with prostitution is the crime surrounding the act. Also, being a pimp or running a brothel is are chargeable offenses in the country as well.

#8. Indonesia

Indonesia is known for its openly marketed adult tourism and even though it is a female-dominated game in regards to sex workers in the country, Indonesia is also known for its wide array of transvestite prostitutes as well. Also, according to Channel News Asia, human trafficking has become widely popular on Indonesian social media.

#9. Brazil

During this past year’s World Cup, Brazilian sex workers had a field day. Prostitution also happens to be legal in Brazil as well but, there’s been a lot of foul play involving children in recent years. Brazilian prostitutes are also known for traveling outside of the country from Chile to the good ol’ US of A.

#10. Thailand

You think a country with a capital city by the name of Bangkok wouldn’t make a list involving sex work? You’ve gotta be kiddin’… In all seriousness though, Thailand’s Red Light District is thriving today despite the fact that prostitution is highly illegal in the country. Most tourists and businesses just throw a few dollars at law enforcement and the officers turn the blind eye to the industry.

#11. Bangladesh

You probably never thought about it but, Bangladesh is a huge hub for sex workers. Not only is prostitution legal in the country, so is operating a brothel and even pimping. Unfortunately, a trafficking issue is on the horizon in the country and male prostitution is still a no-no in Bangladesh.

#12. Malaysia

Prostitution in Malaysia has been the source of a lot of the country’s problems involving human trafficking, child prostitution, and extreme human rights violations. So much that the United States has blacklisted the country for its behavior surrounding sex work.

#13. China

According to researchers, there are about ten million active prostitutes in China today! There are so many that the sex industry makes up about 5% of the country’s annual GDP, which unfortunately goes untaxed but, re-enters the economy via consumption. Yikes.

#14. Nigeria

Nigeria is a country of immense beauty and culture but, unfortunately, a strange trend is on the rise in the country involving adult tourism recruiting elder divorced women from western countries. Also, the term ‘quickie’ in Nigeria is literal being that some sex workers don’t offer their customers a seat, a mattress or any type of privacy and perform their services on the spot standing up. Intriguing, we’re strangely fascinated by this.

#15. Peru

Peru has actually legalized prostitution and requires that sex workers be 18-years-old, register with authorities, and carry a health certificate. Unfortunately, legalizing the industry hasn’t stopped child prostitution which has nearly doubled over the past decade. Prostitution and sex work will always be tricky to balance but, we’re not here to judge these people but, to spread awareness of the dangers surrounding prostitution. Be safe out there and wrap it up.

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