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67 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners From 1951-2017

Miss World is the oldest running International beauty pageant. It was created in the United Kingdom and was started by Eric Morley in 1951.

Miss World shows off the most beautiful women from countries across the world. It has now become a tradition and many women hope to one day stand on the stage of this esteemed event and dream to win the much desired title. These are all the Miss World winners since the beginning of the pageant, from 1951-2017.

Miss World 1951, Kiki Håkansson (Sweden)

Miss World 1952, May-Louise Flodin (Sweden) 

Miss World 1953, Denise Perrier (France)

Miss World 1954, Antigone Costanda (Egypt)

Miss World 1955, Susana Duijm (Venezuela)

Miss World 1956, Petra Schürmann (Germany)

Miss World 1957, Marita Lindahl (Finland)

Miss World 1958, Penelope Coelen (South Africa)

Miss World 1959, Corine Spier-Rottschäfer (Netherlands)

Miss World 1960,  Norma Cappagli (Argentina)

Miss World 1961, Rosemarie Frankland (United Kingdom) 

Miss World 1962, Catharina Lodders (Netherlands)

Miss World 1963, Carole Crawford (Jamaica)

Miss World 1964, Ann Sidney (United Kingdom)

Miss World 1965, Lesley Langley (United Kingdom)

Miss World 1966, Reita Faria (India)

Miss World 1967, Madeleine Hartog Bell (Peru) 

Miss World 1968

Miss World 1969, Eva Rueber-Staier (Austria)

Miss World 1970, Jennifer Hosten (Grenada)

Miss World 1971, Lúcia Petterle (Brazil) 

Miss World 1972, Belinda Green (Australia)

Miss World 1973, Marjorie Wallace (United States)

Miss World 1974, Helen Morgan (United Kingdom)

She was forced to resign four days after her victory, after discovering that she had an 18-month-old son. Even though this did not violate the competition rules she was still made to give up the title and crown.

First runner-up Anneline Kriel of South Africa succeeded her.

Miss World 1975, Wilnelia Merced (Puerto Rico)

Miss World 1976, Cindy Breakspeare (Jamaica)

Miss World 1977, Mary Stävin (Sweden)

Miss World 1978, Silvana Suárez (Argentina)

Miss World 1979, Gina Swainson (Bermuda)

Miss World 1980, Gabriella Brum (Germany) 

She resigned 18 hours later, initially claiming her boyfriend disapproved.

Kimberley Santos (Guam) succeeded her.

Miss World 1981, Pilín León (Venezuela)

Miss World 1982, Mariasela Álvarez (Dominican Republic)

Miss World 1983, Sarah-Jane Hutt (United Kingdom)

Miss World 1984, Astrid Carolina Herrera (Venezuela)

Miss World 1985, Hólmfríður Karlsdóttir (Iceland)

Miss World 1986, Giselle Laronde (Trinidad & Tobago)

Miss World 1987, Ulla Weigerstorfer (Austria)

Miss World 1988, Linda Pétursdóttir (Iceland)

Miss World 1989, Aneta Kręglicka (Poland)

Miss World 1990, Gina Tolleson (United States)

Miss World 1991, Ninibeth Leal (Venezuela) 

Miss World 1992, Julia Kourotchkina (Russia)

Miss World 1993, Lisa Hanna (Jamaica)

Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai (India)

Miss World 1995, Jacqueline Aguilera (Venezuela)

Miss World 1996, Irene Skliva (Greece)

Miss World 1997, Diana Hayden (India)

Miss World 1998, Linor Abargil (Israel)

Miss World 1999, Yukta Mookhey (India)

Miss World 2000, Priyanka Chopra (India)

Miss World 2001, Agbani Darego (Nigeria)

Miss World 2002, Azra Akın (Turkey)

Miss World 2003, Rosanna Davison (Ireland)

Miss World 2004, María Julia Mantilla (Peru)

Miss World 2005, Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir (Iceland) 

Miss World 2006, Taťána Kuchařová (Czech Republic)

Miss World 2007, Zhang Zilin (China)

Miss World 2008, Ksenia Sukhinova (Russia)

Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar)

Miss World 2010, Alexandria Mills (United States)

Miss World 2011, Ivian Sarcos (Venezuela)

Miss World 2012, Yu Wenxia (China)

Miss World 2013, Megan Young (Philippines)

Miss World 2014, Rolene Strauss (South Africa)

Miss World 2015, Mireia Lalaguna Royo (Spain)

Miss World 2016, Stephanie Del Valle (Puerto Rico)

Miss World 2017, Manushi Chhillar (India) 

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