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Bet You Didn’t Know These 13 Facts About The US President’s Youngest Daughter : Tiffany Trump


Everyone knows Tiffany Trump, but there are some facts that are still unknown. Tiffany is the least talked about offspring of the president of USA.

Tiffany is known for her extravagant life. She gained a lot of followers on social media during her father’s campaign and election to the post of President.

Take a look at some unknown facts:

#1. She recently completed her graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, the alma mater of her father. She completed her graduation with a double major in sociology and urban studies in 2016.

#2. Tiffany is supposed to appeal to millennial and this is the reason why all her drinking, or having fun or partying pictures are deleted from her social media accounts.

#3. She is the daughter of Donald and Marla Maples. The news of their affair broke out in the 1990s and Malva was accused of wrecking Donald’s 12-year marriage with Ivanka.

#4. The youngest daughter of the President loves music and aspires to be a pop singer. In an interview, she said “I love music, it’s always been very dear to me. It’s more of a hobby right now, but we’ll see in a couple of years if I actually want to take it to the next level as a professional. Right now the focus is on school.”

#5. She has a Democrat boyfriend. According to the International Business Times, Ross Mechanic who’s Tiffany’s boyfriend is a registered Democrat. However, he has been in political events supporting his girlfriend’s father.

#6. She grew up in the same town as all the Kardashians.

#7. She has a cool friend circle with some very popular names that include Robert F Kennedy Jr’s daughter, Gaia Matisse-the great great-granddaughter of Henri Matisse, Kyra Kennedy, Magic Johnson’s son and E J Johnson.

#8. Tiffany grew up in L.A., but now spends much of her time on the east coast, particularly in New York City and the Hamptons.

#9. She has done her internship at Vogue and Ivanka arranged it for her. She has also interned in the communications department of eyewear company, Warby Parker.

#10. She likes going on vacations with her mom. They favor handing out vitamin C pops at an orphanage in Malawi and going on tours.

#11. Tiffany saved all her report cards just because her father wrote “sweet notes” on them.

#12. She wants to study in the Harvard Law School. Tiffany Trump wants to become a lawyer and she has been spotted touring the campus of Harvard previously.

#13. Tiffany’s party-loving lifestyle has been exhaustively chronicled on social media. The New York Times named her and her group of friends as “The Snap Pack”. She is known for being friends with some famous celebrity kids.

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