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ISIS Thugs Tie Up Blindfolded Prisoner Before A Howling Crowd Stones Him To Death For ‘Adultery’ In Afghanistan

ISIS murderers tied up and blindfolded a man accused of adultery before encouraging a crowd to stone him to death in Afghanistan, pictures circulating online appear to show.

The images, allegedly released by ISIS’s Khorasan Province branch in Central and South Asia, show a group of bearded men standing in mountainous terrain with an ISIS flag behind them.

Another image shows a blindfolded man in black down on his knees while, behind him, dozens of men stare at him with stones in their hands.

The next image in the series shows the man lying down and bounded by stones as the group of killers continues throwing the projectiles.

The final picture shows what appears to be the man’s dead body covered in fabric.

Men and boys, one of whom is armed with a Kalashnikov rifle, look on at the corpse as it lies on a stretcher.

Users posting on Twitter using hashtags associated with ISIS’s Afghanistan branch said the man had been killed because he was accused of adultery.

At the end of last month, gunmen and suicide bombers launched a pre-dawn attack on a military compound in Kabul, killing 11 soldiers in an attack claimed by ISIS.

A series of recent assaults, including one of the deadliest bombs in Kabul in recent years, have left already war-weary citizens grief-stricken and angry as the Taliban and ISIS escalate their offensive.

‘Two bombers detonated themselves and two were killed by our forces and one was detained alive,’ a defence spokesman, Dawlat Waziri, said after the attack on January 29.

Officials said the men, armed with a rocket, two Kalashnikovs and at least one suicide vest, had attempted to breach an army battalion near the Marshal Fahim military academy, where high-ranking officers are trained.

In October a Taliban suicide bomber killed 15 Afghan army trainees as they travelled home from the Marshal Fahim academy.

Militants including the Taliban and ISIS have stepped up their attacks on harassed Afghan troops and police in recent months, sapping morale already hit by desertions and corruption.

Afghan troops have taken what the UN describes as ‘shocking’ casualties since international forces ended their combat role at the end of 2014, though troop casualty figures are no longer released.

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