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Saddam Hussein’s Interrogator Reveals Shocking Details.

John Nixon, the man who interrogated Saddam Hussein after the coalition forces captured the dictator revealed some eye opening facts which he came across. The details of the interrogation is now available to public through a book ‘Debriefing the President: The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein.

Nixon explained that Hussein was not in touch with the military reality of his own country in the final years. Saddam also told that “You are going to fail. You are going to find it is not easy to govern Iraq.”

When he asked why, he said that Americans will fail because they don’t know the language, the history and they do not understand the Arab mind. Even Nixon believed that the man had a point.

In order to “maintain Iraq’s multi-ethnic state, the presence of a strongman like Saddam in Iraq was necessary.”

“Saddam’s leadership style and penchant for brutality were among many faults of his regime, by=ut he could be ruthlessly decisive when he felt his power base was threatened, and it is far from certain that his regime would have been overthrown by a movement of popular discontent.”

Nixon also believed that a group like ISIS would have not enjoyed the kind of success it has now if he was in charge of the government.

However, the main point of discussion is that Nixon observed that Saddam Hussein was certainly a brutal dictator, but he wasn’t “on a mission to blow up the world, as George W. Bish’s administration had claimed to justify the invasion.”

It is clear that most of them will not agree with Nixon’s view but it is certain that there is much more to the story than what meets the eye.