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Young man arrested for ‘molesting’ adopted sister in Chinese railway station

A young Chinese man has been arrested for allegedly molesting his adopted sister inside a waiting area in a Nanjing South Railway Station.

A photo of the man who appeared to be ‘groping’ a young girl’s chest has gone viral on Chinese social media after it was uploaded by a concerned netizen; sparking outrage online.

Shanghaiist story mentioned the suspect is 18 years old while the girl is 14 and is reportedly his adopted sister. Another picture showed the two with an elderly couple; believed to be the teenager’s parents.

The police said they have established the girl’s relationship to the man but refused to divulge further details on the case to protect her identity being a minor.

Local authorities also confirmed the man has been arrested on Monday in their home Hua County in Henan after the picture went viral on the internet and vowed to “deal with the suspect sternly in accordance with the law.”

In the meantime, concerned agencies are now trying to find a safe place for the girl to stay while the case is being investigated.





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