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This Pilot Son Fulfills His Long-Time Dream Of Being Able “To Fly His OFW Parents Home”

This boy spent his 16 Christmases without his parents by his side and finally gets his dream’s fulfillment — to fly his parents home!

Juan Paulo Fermin, a Second Officer at the Philippine Airlines, stepped out of the cabin to see a real special couple among the airline’s passengers.

Indeed, it was one of the special moment; something that should be recorded as it was a childhood dream coming true at last.

Here’s what he said in his video post on Facebook:

“It’s interesting how dreams take form – like when a sick loved one prompts a young man to become a doctor, or being with kids who haven’t had the chance to read and write inspires one to teach; as a child, to me it was pretty simple: I wanted to fly my parents’ home.

Today, after 16 Christmases apart – and unknown to my parents, I was actually part of the crew that was flying them home for Christmas.

It’s been a wonderful year for me – a year of dreams turning into reality, and this is definitely the cherry on top. Thank you, Philippine Airlines, for this amazing opportunity.”

Unknow to his OFW parents, he was part of the flight crew and he was finally flying his parents’ home — and on such a special time of the year – Christmas – which Filipino families consider as the best time to be together. And to complete his surprise, Capt. Fermin brought a bunch of red roses for his mother.

What happened next? See for yourself in this memorable clip shared by no other than the delighted pilot son on his timeline.





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