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Female OFW Being Harassed By Her Arab Employer Caught On Camera

Despite so much of difficulties and pain Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are working hard abroad just to sustain the financial needs of their family. They stay away from their family just to earn a large amount of cash to provide financial support to their families.

The video footage of a female OFW being harassed by her Arab employer goes viral online after it was in the social media.

Read the viral caption here:

The Arab employer tried to sexually harass the female domestic helper in the kitchen. He tried to forced himself on the domestic helper and tried to kiss her as she pleads for him to stop.

She desperately tried to push him back. When the Arab employer didn’t stop his disgusting actions she started crying.

He eventually stops his advances to wash his hands. However the employer wouldn’t stop once the Filipina went to the sink to clean herself as well.

Everyone knows the fact that in the Middle East women have fewer rights than their male counterparts. In the Middle Eastern countries sexual harassment cases are ignored by the authorities. This is completely true when a woman comes forward and issues a complaint.

The Facebook video has already received over 783K views, 9.3K reactions and 12K shares as of writing.

Netizens have shared their various reactions towards this disgusting act of harassment.

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