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Are Photoshopped Images Really Not That Big Of A Deal?

Photoshopped images are everywhere, from celebrities to common people. It is a step that happens before we reveal ourselves to the world but is that really us?

Why are people obsessed with digitally altering their image? Are people making a huge cry over editing a little too much? Does it have any effect on how standards of beauty are set? We shall find out.

But first take a look at our latest celebrity Photoshop victim Posh Beckham.

Loved working on this shoot for @voguechina May issue. Thank u @inezandvinoodh, @wendyrowe, @georgecortina and @shayashual x vb

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The recent photos appeared on Victoria Beckham’s Instagram from her photoshoot for an upcoming Vogue China issue. This had critics and fans call bullshit on the apparently doctored gap between Beckham’s thighs.

This made the comments section of Beckham’s Instagram turn into an infestation of hateful and demeaning comments about the Photoshop fail of the celebrity and how it’s setting a bad example. But according to The Independent, a spokeswoman for Beckham dismissed speculation that the image had been doctored, and pointed out that the enhanced thigh gap was an illusion that a tucked shirt made.

Really now?

But if it was just an innocent shirt, why Photoshop it? Vogue China needs to get its reasoning straight.

But let’s be real, sometimes Photoshop is a great tool to help remove unwanted distractions from the image and help probably add a beautiful effect. But altering the model to an extent where she is unrecognizable or with an intention to fit a particular stereotype is not okay.


And let’s not only blame Photoshop for image alteration. Just a look at an old pin-up image will tell that the real thing is never really shown to us.