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Five Likely Things You Will Experience When Your Heart Is Broken

Apart from the obvious pain and struggle there are other negative things that happens to your body when you are heartbroken. Therefore, make sure you find a way to come out of it as soon as possible.

Below are the five things that happen to your body when you are heartbroken:

Hormones change.

Love makes you happy and when you are happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin make their presence felt. But, when you are low, the stress hormones replace the happy ones and turns all the joy into anxiety and stress. The stress hormones reduce the ability to make new memories.

Immune system weakens.

The immune system of the body weakens and therefore you will be prone to sickness. Though, you can get sick for other reasons as well, the chances are higher when your heart is broken.

Dietary change and weight gain.

You start to stress eat when you are low which destroys the complete diet and eventually results in weight gain. The hormone, cortisol, has been associated with increases in belly fat. It is believed that cortisol also triggers those food cravings.

Sexual dysfunction.

There is a possibility of losing interest in sexual activity when you are heartbroken. Even if you do, you might find it tough to keep it going as the body might not be as responsive as you want it to be. For men, it could result in erectile dysfunction.

Skin rashes.

The skin condition also takes a hit because of the heartbreak. Psoriasis, rosacea or even acne can flare up during this time.





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